De Wurger van de Linkeroever


Born 20 sep 1959 in Vilvoorde.
Lives in Antwerpen.
Works everywhere.

Since 1979:
one hundred and sixty-seven performances in forty-six cities in twelve countries; twenty-eight personal exhibitions in thirteen cities in seven countries; one hundred and eighteen group exhibitions in thirty cities in nine countries; two hundred fifty-two articles in seventy-four magazines and newspapers; sixty-six catalogues by forty-seven publishers; twenty-three projects on; thirty-six videos on; sixteen dj-sets on; two thousand one hundred and eighty-six posts on; six hundred and thirteen posts on; two hundred and forty-six posts on; two hundred and eleven posts on; thirty-three posts on; four pages and three applications on; one email address.

It is difficult to say as a guy, but I felt as if I was being raped. (al. 1993)

It was an impressive and disturbing set. DDV’s performance especially made a deep impression on me, and even then I didn’t feel he quite reached the limit (wherever that might be). I am fascinated and I find everything so confronting that I no longer really know what to do with all my impressions now. (avdv. 2003)

I wept during your performance with emotion, excitement, with everything all at once. It was that good. As I said to someone, it was like sex. As if your ‘being’, your ‘soul’ is penetrated. (s. 2010)

Il n'y a pas de Suicides, il n'y a que des Meurtres.