Carl Cryplant's Death Music Vol 1

Carl Cryplant's Death Music Vol 1

Dear friends, family and neighbours,

While wasting my Young Life like a Flower in Bloom with sex and drugs I reckoned it wouldn't take long before Death would take its turn (on).

Living here stowed away in my Shack next to the railway Track with nothing but turntables and a microphone, cassette players and a synthesizer to brighten up the time between the last and the next Trans Europe Express pounding by and never stop, I fool around from time to time.

Since I'm no good with computers and all that digital stuff I buried it all into 44' 44" so you can put it on a good old trustworthy C-90 audio cassette.

Leave the Head that doesn't pound anymore. I have a dark past and a destructive conscience to finish off. What I think is what I do. My hands hurt from scratching away Dead shit from between my Legs all day. Taste my Heart - feed my Will.

Rest in Piece,

Carl Cryplant.


******************************* playlist *******************************

Join Me in Death by HIM overtaken with Requiem Pour un Mix à la Con, a mashup of Serge Gainsbourg vs. Offspring by Mad Martigan beaten on beat with Ich Bin Tot by DAF echoed with The Black Angel's Death Song by The Velvet Underground dropped in the fade with Circus of Death by The Human League overfaded with My Daddy He Died in 1969 by Unknown hacked in with Death Blooms by Mudvayne followed up with Death Trip by The Stooges faded in with Slow Death by The Leather Nun long overfaded with The Memory of Killed Hippies Remains, a mashup of Metallica vs. Primal Scream by Totom perfectly matched up with Pasillos de la Muerte by Los Morros Del Norte.


******************************* comments *******************************

SoWi: thank you for brightening up my days with fantastic music for my iPod!
in return I send you a treat for Sally Cryplant in Berlin
your fan

Carlaha, u belong to the iPod generation!