Carl Cryplant's Diggin' Music Vol 1

Carl Cryplant's Diggin' Music Vol 1

"Carl Cryplant's Diggin' Music Vol 1", the 4x4th issue of my 'Music in Volumes' was commissioned by the Bastard Art Gallery to commemorate the opening of the gallery on 20 sep 2006. It was performed live at the opening reception.

I travelled all the way West with two turntables and a microphone, cassette players and a synthesizer to trash the party. For the sake of history I recorded my set onto a good old & trustworthy C-90 audio-cassette for all you to play it in your walkmen or car stereos while cruising the streets to pick up some girls or boys that went astray in this sick, sick world.

Since I'm such a fan of the Bastard Art Gallery's sole artist I decided to make this set into a kind of illustrative tribute of his recent projects. That's why "Please Mr. Gravedigger" opens for 'Diggin' for Gordon', a piece where the artist is digging a hole which could be a grave, but of course we don't really know what's going on. We only know it's a tribute to Gordon Matta-Clark and that we can watch the action 24 hours a day on a webcam. Since I've always been intrigued by detectives of any kind I opted for "Muckraker" because I'm still waiting for the first nitwit who comes up with a plausible real location of the hole the artist's been digging all this time. But hey, I'm not gonna be the muckraker that solves the mystery of James Lee Byars' Tomb! All the problems he's been going through are alike countered in "It's not the Bullet that Kills You, it's the Hole" which is after all another tribute from one artist to another and you should all know about the honour that is among thieves. We should all go "Deeper Underground" just like the artist who is not only literally going deeper underground, but even so taking his work further underground than any other artist could imagine. And still "... Ja das ist Kunst!", it's bloody contemporary art in it's purest form! I always thought these underground artists should be supported, so I trashed in the number One hit "Down Down" which might make the spades shovel up a lot heftier now for the future, and yes, just like "I Will Follow Him" you should too, no mountain too high, no ocean too deep to follow thy bastard artist! Now I hear many of you say that art is in many cases nothing but a "Garbage Dump" and isn't it illegal to start diggin' a hole in a basement after all? But then remember that maybe one day Lucifer will be rising and that'll be the day when you'll come across the "Invocation of My Demon Brother". Remember that both 'Descending Steps for Batan' by Gordon Matta-Clark and 'Icon IV' by Dan Flavin are the basis of the 'Diggin' for Gordon' project and that these are both dedicated to a twin brother who died. But I'm sure most of you by now just want to "Hide U" and assume that nothing is wrong "As Long as He Lies Perfectly Still" and spends his time with Cutups for fun. Well, at least you can say that James Lee Byars is lying perfectly still in his Tomb.

But since it's my humble opinion that every artist should get the buck he deserves I'm throwing some stone age classic with "Beethoven's Fifth Gold Digger" to stir up some movement in the art collector and investor's world before pleasing all the young girls & boys that only joined this mad, dirty, perverse, sick, outrageous event to shout out: "It's My Party"....

Anyway, I just Dig it!

Yours truly,

Carl Cryplant.


******************************* playlist *******************************

Please Mr. Gravedigger by David Bowie naturally covered up with Muckraker by Rocket from the Tombs overfaded by It's not the Bullet that Kills You, it's the Hole by Laurie Anderson painfully beaten with Deeper Underground by Jamiroquai snapped onto ...Ja das ist Kunst! by Institut für Feinmotorik hit on with Down Down by Status Quo broken on the beat with I Will Follow Him by The Shirelles kinda trashed over with Garbage Dump by Charles Manson halfway joined by Invocation of My Demon Brother by Mick Jagger dropped into with Hide U, a mashup of Kosheen vs. Bomfunk Mc's (Freestyle Mix) masterslaved into As Long as He Lies Perfectly Still by Soft Machine overflown with Beethoven's Fifth Gold Digger, a mashup of Kanye West vs. Beethoven by RebelDjs beaten on the beat with It's My Party by Lesley Gore.


******************************* comments *******************************

StDemaybe you are interested to make a soundpiece for/in/out of the Cargo Media Space (sounds hilarious, but no other name for it all the stuff in it now) in Oostende?  just let me know CARL.
Carli do requests once in a while, but everything just goes up to my podcast page. so pick a theme and i'll see what i can do....
MoInthis is a men's world.
no place for children and pale womens

Carlwell, after all it's my party....
holes in the ground can be very dangerous for children, you wouldn't want anything to happen to them do you?
pale women on the contrary. i just love to turn the carly in me loose and taste red wild cherries on a bed of almost blueish white tender flesh between my lips carrying the tip of a dragonlike tongue exploring the dark and deep to make a lotus flower bloom.
your young life is like a flower

MoIna music by jagger. nice reference.
the one by KA i have is "Rabbit's moon"
i threw all aside while i'm sometimes, without any shame, listening to roxy music.
my culture is not that wide, then, what's the matter. i'm free to enjoy.
or not.
i understand the course of your purpose.
already, i've been walking at the door, what did i win? the house is cloed behind me. and then?
thank you. much respect. at then end i don't care anymore being laughed at. this is attrition.

Carlyou should try 'scorpio rising', it's all about boys between boys, but the soundtrack is all girlie.
in every dreamhome a heartache

MoIni love aesthetics of Kenneth Anger movies.i admire him.
scorpio is my solar sign in western astrology
i am a monkey for the chinese astrology
how stunning the link to reality. (sadly)
lou reed
"beginning to see the light" was my latest pleasure in those genres
you know i am not proud about it.(listening to R.M. from time to time)
i am nearly never proud. this is my own sense of ethicks. conscience.
thought i have a sense of respect et je sais comment me tenir droite.
les yeux vers le ciel ou droit devant mais pas vers le bas.
i love what you wrote in former mail. i knew you are really a poet...