Carl Cryplant's Drug Music Vol 1

Carl Cryplant's Drug Music Vol 1

Hey Babe,

I don't knOw just where I'm Going Dear, but I wanna Tell you that When I put a Spike into my vAin, Things aren't just the Same.

Living just on muSHrooms se7en days in a row and n0thing but turntables and a Microphone, cassette players and a synthesizer to brighten up my cow Henry, I fool around from time to time.

Since I'm no good with computers and all that digital stuff I breWed it into 44' 44" so you can put it on a good old trustworthy C-90 audio cassette.

And remember that you Can't help me NOT, you gUys and all you SWeet Girls with all your sweet silly Talk. You can all Go take a walk Because I guess thAt I just don't know When I'm cl0sing in on dEAth. Then I Really don't cAre anymore JUst when the 'Drug Music' is in my blooD and that blood is in my Head tHen Tank God that I'm as g00d as dEAd.

Yours Truly,

Carl Cryplant in the Sky with Diamonds.


******************************* playlist *******************************

I Wanna Be Sedated by The Ramones performed by Nutley Brass plunged in with Who Put the Benzedrine in Mrs. Murphy's Ovaltine by Harry The Hipster Gibson cut smooth in with She's Like Heroin by System Of A Down kicked in the ass with King Heroin by James Brown mixed over with New Drug Queens by Pink Mountaintops cut with Disco Njet, Wodka Da by The Monotones lang abgerissen mit Pump Ab Das Bier by Werner Wichtig long mixed in with Mexican Grass War by Twink melting into We Are All on Drugs by Weezer cut on the beat with Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue by The Ramones followed up with Drug Raid at 4am by Lard feat. Jello Biafra overtaken with Heroin Baby by Partners 'n Crime dragged along with Toxic H'bibi, a mashup of Britney Spears vs. Mano Negra by DJ Zebra topped off with Marihuana by Molotov & Brujeria.


******************************* comments *******************************

HKSOExcellent! Great psyched-out material! Will play this during our forthcoming acid-test.

JeClLepls don't send mails anymore

BeTvSend me crap like this again and I WILL take legal actions against you and your company.

Carlbraggy braggy braggy, you're as dEAd as is UnderGrounD. bye bye!

BeTvYou're a real sucker aren't you? Now I really have everything I need to
kick you of your provider... So good luck finding a new one...
If you DO bother me again, I will fuck you up so bad, they will need
your dental records to identify your remains. Is that clear?

CarlclEAr as a kl0ntje bAby - I Am thee Pr0vIder.
but with thAt haird0 you oUght to be dEAd....