Carl Cryplant's Drug Music Vol 2

Carl Cryplant's Drug Music Vol 2

Hey Frank,

Long time no see. I was on the corner of Rue du Ch√Ęteau and Place de l'Eglise trying to find some brown dust when this old hag appeared wanting to sell me some of those mushrooms again I lived on for se7en days in a row last time. Since you weren't too wild about my ramblings them, I declined. When the hag left I noticed a small guy hidden under her blue-gray tarpaulin coat. He stuck his dirty face from under it and I could see a pair of bright green eyes almost like rays of light. The most peculiar however was the hole in his head.

In a thriftshop I found this kind of auger corkscrew thing which I though was safer than an electric drill. Its main feature was a metal spike, surrounded by a ring of saw-teeth. The first attempt was a fiasco because the needles I used to administer the local anaesthetic proved to be too thin and broke. So I bought some stouter ones and took a tab of LSD to steady my nerves. First I made an incision to the bone and applied the improvised trepan to my bared skull. Driving the spike into the bone however proved impossible. The next day I made a kind of tourniquet with some bandages and a piece of wood. I managed to press the trepan against my skull and started cranking the saw. I took another tab of LSD, and after a long time of sawing just as I was about to break through, I fainted. The next couple of days I felt so embarrassed because although it looked as if I had managed to trepane myself I actually failed to do so.

I prepared for a third and final attempt. With the benefit of experience, I found the groove of my previous operation and again I began to saw through the sliver of bone separating me from enlightenment. After some time there was an ominous sounding schlurp and the sound of bubbling. I pulled the trepan out and there was a bit of bone in it, at last! A great gush of blood followed, and in the mirror I could see the blood in the hole rising and falling with the pulsation of my brain. During the next hours I felt my spirits rising and I reached a state of peace, freedom and serenity which has been with me ever since.

Apart from my improvised trepan I had nothing but two turntables and a microphone, cassette players and a synthesizer to assist and comfort me, so I recorded my experience into a podcast. Since I'm no good with computers and all that digital stuff I poured it into 44' 44" so you can put it on a good old trustworthy C-90 audio cassette and pop it in your walkman.

Your Pal,

Carl Cryplant the Enlightened.


******************************* playlist *******************************

Weedies by Bob & Tom overrun with THC by German Shepherds long drugged with Let's Get High Joy Division Style, a mashup of Joy Division vs. Dr Dre by Beau doused with Swedish Designer Drugs by Daan overfaded with Kick that Habit Man by Monte Cazazza beaten on the beat with Wats the Fuck Keburt, a mashup of De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig vs. Fatboy Slim by Genie straight overlapped with Tequila by Function Disorder tripped over with Super Psychedelic Trippy Acid by Sally enlightened with White Light / White Heat by The Velvet Underground unreached with I Couldn't Get High by The Fugs reshuffled with Baby's Got a Crazy Horse Remix, a mashup of The Prodigy vs. The Osmonds by Go Home Productions smoked with Smells Like the White Room, a mashup of Nirvana vs. Cream by RevTed swirled with Moonshine Man Blues by Peter Cleighton with Blind John Davis ripped up with I Woke Up Dreaming by Teenage Jesus and the Jerks.


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