Carl Cryplant's Fashion Music Vol 1

Carl Cryplant's Fashion Music Vol 1

carl don´t cry,
i would maybe like to use the praise you song for the fashion show. where can i get it? and the other stuff?


boys don't cry!
tell me what tunes u want and they will mysteriously appear in your hands sometime soon.


i like the praise you with krishna and rama , it´s great!
can it possibly magicly unexpectedly arise before tuesday?
thanks a lot..
if you wanna take part in some happy hippi happening, you have to come tomorrow at 15.00. dress in one colour only, it´s johannas birthday and we´re gonna make a movie.
you are welcome to bring an instrument.


thank you my dear!
ooh, it looks like you are in great need.... i will see what i can do.
oh gosh, i'm too shy for that kind of thing. i prefer to stay in my shack next to the railway track. my only friends are two turntables and a microphone, cassette players and some synths. we party a lot and sometimes we sit down and cry, cry cry cry 96 tears.
vel vel vetrivel - sutri vandhu emmai kaakkum - subramanya vel.


apparently some gobetween delivered u the tunes
let me know if u need special treatment.


hallo carl,
some weird man gave me your cd. thank you very much, i will be happy with it. until now it was not really possible to listen to it, my brain felt to dry because i spent the night in the desert.


hare rani,
damn those weird men rippin' my tunes onto a cd and stealing all the goodlooking girls before my eyes while i'm all alone sobbing in my shack with nothing but the turntables and a microphone.
let's spend the nExt night in the dEsert together.
or let's meet at the fashion show for which you managed to trick some fine dj's into playing their tunes - aargh, right now i will go and pray, pray pray pray & be your dj.

Carl Cryplant


******************************* playlist *******************************

Blue Velvet by Bobby Vinton walked over with These Boots are Made for Walking by Nancy Sinatra fadeslaved with Je Dis Fame, a mashup of David Bowie vs. M by Dj Zebra overslaved with Get Naked by Methods of Mayhem tripped on the beat with Lust for My Adidas, a mashup of Iggy Pop vs. Run DMC by Dj Moule dressed over with Fashion Rules by Chicks on Speed stepped on with Boots by Nancy Sinatra (performed by The Residents) needlesharp cut with Fashion Suicide by Neon Rain naturally flavoured with Get Your Bootie on the Floor Tonight, a mashup of Eurythmics vs. Technotronic by Processor Tournesol short sleeve faded with Itsi Bitsi Petit Bikini by Timmy Mallet (performed by Dalida) undressed with Three Bikinis on the Rocks, a mashup of The Clash vs. Vegomatic by Métamix transgendered with Un Garçon en Mini-Jupe by Karo lapped off with I'm the Man in Black, a mashup of Johnny Cash vs. Will Smith by Voicedude pulled off with I Shit My Pants by The Fugs.


******************************* comments *******************************

KiJaBrI would like to be unsuscribed to your mailinglist.

AnVe: please unsubscribe me

RaBaPlease don´t be mad at me, as time went bye i decided on another hippihoppy track. still i think it´s a great tune!
tell your friend i have a poster for him and i will get flyers on monday or tuesday in school which are the tickets for the party (otherwise one has to pay).
that new cd sounds fashionazing!

Carl: Sunday is gloomy
with shadows I spend it all
My heart and I have
decided to end it all
Soon there'll be flowers
and prayers that are sad,
I know, let them not weep,
let them know
that I'm glad to go
Death is no dream,
for in death I'm caressing you
With the last breath of my
soul I'll be blessing you
Gloomy Sunday

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