Carl Cryplant's Love Music Vol 1

Carl Cryplant's Love Music Vol 1

Yes Dear, I love you so much that I can't stop saying it, with some good lovetunes that is.

Spending every night all alone in my 'Love Shack' in the very depth of the Belgian Ardennes with only turntables and a microphone, cassette players and a synthesizer, I fool around from time to time.

This time I cooked up a fine compilation of 'Love Music'.

Since I'm no good with computers and all that digital stuff I brewed it into 44' 44" so you can put it on a good old trustworthy C-90 audio cassette ;-)

Now go go go, you Girls can play it in your walkman when you're playing outside or sneaking off to bed. And you Boys can play it in your car stereo when you go cruising the streets at night.

Carl says 'Love is All Around', yes!


******************************* playlist *******************************

Everybody Loves Somebody by Dean Martin clean mixed in with Sunshine of Your Love by Cream smoothly into Too Much Love by LCD Soundsystem right cut into Love Will Freak Us, a mashup of Joy Division vs. Missy Elliot roughly into Sugar Baby Love by The Rubettes (Mélange Planté by Carl Cryplant) again right cut in with My Love is a Flower (Just Beginning to Bloom) by Jonathan Richman & the Modern Lovers brutally finished up with That Great Love Sound by The Raveonettes stumbling into I Love Rock'n'Roll by Joan Jett (performed by Britney Spears) kinda cut right to Since I Love Her, a mashup of Led Zeppelin vs. Percy Sledge by Mp3j mixed into This is Not a Love Song by Public Image Limited (performed by Nouvelle Vague) cut right into Hipteens Love B-52's, a mashup of The B-52's vs. The Frank Popp Ensemble by LPC straight cut into Love Song by Syd Barrett mixed into Love Cuts by Chris & Cosey mixed into Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? by the Shirelles.


******************************* comments *******************************

JeOlthanks for the love, carl

that was one of the nicest love-letters to me, ever. i've heard it
already, an my office members had to, too :-)
ps. please give me more, more, more, more, more ...

Carlpatience my dear, the second coming is the best....

the link doesn1t work!

FrDeWahe man,
that's very nice!

KaDai enjoyed it
thank you!

Moalas i do not see the point in this./ in ardeenes belges i know of courses Charleroi, and ERquelinnes maybe.
but the very last mystery is where all this does come from§? tk?
nothing better than disco to express ones rage!

Carlmaybe you ain't seen nothing yet?
love comes from deep inside.
ah, show me your blooming rage!

Mooui, et alors, et en fait cela n'a pas l'air de quelqu'un qui ferait dela musique depuis tres  tres longtemps.
mais ces apparences, sont-elles trompeuses.?

Carlplus de vingt ans, ça compte quand même.....