Carl Cryplant's Morning Music Vol 1

Carl Cryplant's Morning Music Vol 1

What a wasted Sunday getting up in the morning with the Monster Task of a Request from a respected member over at the 'Get Your Bootleg On' forum. Some deeds are dirty but need to be done and while I'm a DJ I might as well make your day. And boy what a Day!

On this day in 1577 I went to see this old friend of mine who just gave birth to her son who would turn out a fine painter, Peter Paul Rubens over in Siegen, Germany. Then I had to speed off on this day into 1712 to congratulate another friend with another birth of a son who would become known as the composer Jean-Jacques Rousseau in Genf, Germany. After a nice serenade I crossed the border toward Châteldon, Puy-de-Dôme, France in 1883 to witness on this day the birth of Pierre Laval who made it up to four times as prime minister in France, but chose the wrong path during the War and was executed upon it's end when on October 15th. That was still a while to go, because before that on this day I sailed over the ocean in 1891 and greeted Serial Killer Carl Panzram on this bloody globe in the USA where he would write a fine 'Journal of Murder'. I stayed over for about 10 years until this day in 1901 to see Murderer Frank Miller getting executed by hanging at the age of 44 in Alabama. Tired of all that shit I booked a ticket on the Norge Ocean Liner towards the United Kingdom, unfortunately I was involved in a shipwreck on this day in 1904 near Rockall Reef, Scotland, while over 600 died, I luckily survived. So I made a journey of about 10 years to Sarajevo, Yugoslavia. In 1914 I got acquainted with a local anarchist Gavrilo Princip, who right on this day had the idea of shooting Franz Ferdinand of Austria to death so I could witness the start of the Great World War I. Since the heat was definitely on, I joined again some fellows on the Red Star Line a crossed the ocean once again to arrive in New Orleans, Louisiana on this day in 1918, when promptly Harriet Lowe was attacked by someone who's identity I cannot reveal, let's say the Axe-Man of New Orleans. I lingered on till 1926 when on this day I happened to watch Melvin Kaminsky's birth while I was working as a Registered Nurse in New York, ah yes, you guys probably know him better as Mel Brooks.

But anyway, I kept working in the same hospital in the Big Apple when just seven years later on this day in 1933 a quite heavy character named Roscoe Conklin 'Fatty' Arbuckle was brought in with a heart-attack. I recognised him as the actor, filmmaker and womanizer aka Heavy-Weight Rapist of Virginia Rappe who died of peronitis due to a crushed bladder after spending a night with 'Fatty' in the St. Francis Hotel in San Francisco back in 1921. At the age of 46 I just left him to die. I kind of enjoyed hoboing around the States, and by 1935 I successfully had a part-time job as an executioner at Sing Sing Prison where on this day I had the honour to accompany murderess Eva Coo aka 'Madame' to have a last seat in Old Sparky.

Since I was so good at my hobby cum job, I continued to travel to North Carolina in 1940 to put murderer Ruf Satterfield in the Gas Chamber on this day at the age of 44. Of course everybody needs a little vacation once in a while, I was in for some exotism so I took my heels to Port-of-Spain, Trinidad. On this day in 1955 I was just in time to watch murderer Dr. Dalip Lutchmie Persap being executed by hanging from my hotel window. You wouldn't believe the kind of things these poor countries put on their tourist trips for an extra buck. Unfortunately I had to leave early on this day, because my attention was needed in 1957 to attend the deathbed of writer Alfred Döblin who was dying at the age of 78 in Germany. I lingered on for a while but was back when on this day in 1962 I moved into 1435 Commonwealth in Boston, Massachussets, USA when promptly my 85-year-old neighbour Mary Mullen was killed due to heart-failure in the course of being assaulted by Albert DeSalvo aka 'The Boston Strangler', what a bummer. For 9 years I kept cool and got involved in petty crime just once in a while until this day in 1971 when I was supposed to meet Maffia-leader Joseph 'Joe' Colombo in New York, just when I got a glimpse of him, he was shot by an unidentified black man at the age of 48 to leave him in a vegetation coma for the next seven years of his life. Some guys have all the luck. From then on I lived on the thirteenth floor of the 'Twilight Zone' department store until 1975 when TV-series-maker Rod Serling died on this day at the age of 50. I was again dying for some air and decided to go on a hunting holiday with my old time pal Robert Hansen aka 'The Aviation Hunter'. On this day in 1980 for some reason he had the idea to abduct 24-year-old Roxanne Easlund from the Northern Lights Boulevard in Anchorage, Alaska and shoot her dead with one prime shot. The hunting sport wasn't my favourite pastime after all so by this day in 1981 I had moved to Iran to escape by a hair a bomb-attack in which 94 died. Amongst the dead were 9 ministers and party-leader Ayatollah Mohammed Behesti. Knowing that another war was being bred on I grabbed the chance on this day in 1984 to move into Chapman Street, Eagle Rock, Los Angeles. Already while unpacking Richard Ramirez aka The Nightstalker turned up to rape and stab to death 79-year-old Jennie Vincow. He left me some fine drawings though. By this day in 1986 I really started digging this kind of action and invited Kenneth Erskine aka 'The Stockwell Strangler' to sexually assault and strangle 84-year-old Valentine Gleim in my lodgings at Somerville Hastings House, Stockwell Park Road, London, United Kingdom. And finally back home on this day in 1995 after What a Day, What a Terrible Day i noticed that Theodore Ted Kaczinski aka 'The UnaBomber', had mailed some letters to the New York Times and Washington Post from his little shack in the woods of the USA.

That reminded me I urgently had to go to my very own shack next to the railway track to set up set up my turntables and the microphone, cassete player and a synthesizer to cook up something for you dear pal to listen to in the morning.

What a wasted Sunday, Dear, why not spend the next one with....

Carl Cryplant.


******************************* playlist *******************************

The Gift by The Velvet Underground masterslaved with Heute Hier Morgen Dort by Hannes Wader beaten on the beat with Good Morning Baltimore from the Hairspray Soundtrack squirmed over with Il Est 5 Heures, Paris s'éveille by Jacques Dutronc (performed by Les Rats) overfaded with Goeiemorgen Morgen by Nicole en Hugo beaten into Pure Morning by Placebo droned into Angel of the Morning by The Carpenters dropped in with Monday Morning by Pere Ubu overlapped with Napalm in the Morning from the Apocalypse Now Soundtrack short cut with Saturday Morning by the Eels masterslaved with Good Morning Starshine by Peter, Paul and Mary again masterslaved with 7 Heures du Matin by Jacqueline Taieb overraided with Sun Arise by Alice Cooper.


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DoOlCarl -
Obviously there are no women inhabiting your sunday - at least none with names - no thanks Carl -

Carli'm so sorry i skipped kylie minogue's birthday in 1968, but that was all the way in australia! and you know how rough these guys in the outback can be.
please don't spank me with those high heels for this!

DoOlwell carl - if that's the best you can do - even dwarves started small -
Carltrue, and some damn great herzenplant made some great movie about it
take care when you eat pork and watch out for the red spider of katowice