Carl Cryplant's Sex Music Vol 1

Carl Cryplant's Sex Music Vol 1

Hello Sexy Dear,

After all the Love it turned out to be time for enjoying all that Sex.

I enjoyed all of it so much that I can't stop saying it, with some good sextunes that is.


I hardly had time to cosy up my 'Love Shack' in the woods and store away my turntables and the microphone, cassette players and the synth with whom I fool around from time to time.

Sexy women needed me after work.

But nevertheless I managed to cook up a fine compilation of 'Sex Music' for all of you.

Since I'm no good with computers and all that digital stuff I lubricated it into 44' 44" so you can put it on a good old C-90 audio cassette ;-)

The Chicks can give their body to me while I'm coming up their delicate ears through a trustworthy walkman. The Dude Losers can jerk off their handbreaks, and touch the steering wheel while they come in the underpass in the luminescent dash.

I'm getting off for a rainy walk now around the château. While lined up girls are squatting - overthrown by Pissfun -, an Angel came to me and left me bereft of consciousness like a useless piece of wood which is thrown away along the railway line....

Her Love was a Flame that Destroyed. Carl Cryplant always comes twice!


******************************* playlist *******************************

Boobs a Lot by The Fugs straight cut into Get Me Off by Basement Jaxx mixed into Sexy Results by Death From Above 1979 overtaken by I Don' Want to Have Sex by Sold Out straight cut into Short Dick Girl, a mashup of Madonna vs. 20 Fingers by C.H.A.O.S. Productions plunged over with Pissfun by Whitehouse overcome with Come in My Mouth by Tobie taken over by Camille As You Are, a mashup of Camille vs. Nirvana started over with Sex by Ginuwine featuring Sole (Mélange Planté by Carl Cryplant) dropped in with Pussy Poking Disorder by Merzbow/Gore Beyond Necropsy again dropped in with Fucking Bob Pollard by Ben Krieger kinda mixed in with ( I Can't Get No) Satisfaction by The Rolling Stones (performed by Los Apson) cut on the no with Warm Leatherette by The Normal (performed by Chicks on Speed) shoved into You Sexy Thing by Hot Chocolate.


******************************* comments *******************************

HaThplease unsuscribe

SuYaI don't know you right? who are you? did I met you before?  tell me

Carlwe didn't have the pleasure yet to meet in the flesh.
maybe i just fancy sexy japanese girls

WeRefuck off

Carlnow that's pretty rude if u work for & represent an organisation that supposedly promotes 'digital culture', no?

WeReI did not ask for you to e-mail me
and I do not know who you are
why I consider this as spam

Carldid people ask your organisation to e-mail them?
do you know everybody u mail?
spam is in the air
everywhere u look around
spam is in the air
every sight and every sound

IgVaInBe careful with the chicks on speed Carl!

NiDuBonjour. Je suis intéressé par vos activités. Pouvez-vous m'en dire plus ?

Carlje n'ai rien à dire, mais je le dis.