Friday on Your Mind

Friday on Your Mind was a one-year project by Danny Devos aka DDV for the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerpen Belgium.
Every Friday DDV visited various Master Programme Studios to discuss the work of participating students. Students were invited to participate to Friday on Your Mind by creating works in any discipline that are inspired by historic events listed for that day in DDV’s Birth(+)Fact(x)Death(-)Calendar, an ongoing project since 1985.
A3 Leaflets with all births, facts and deaths for that particular day were handed out every Friday and the listings were also online at fridayonyourmind.blogspot.com. The listings were sent out every week by email to all the students, and they were also posted at the school’s ‘Blackboard’ Learning Management System.

One anonymous student responded to Danny Devos’ invitation by posting every Friday the death announcement of several refugees. His A4 leaflets were posted around the school building, the Coke vending machine, the cafetaria etc.... His posts are also available on thedeathannouncer.tumblr.com.

All 41 Friday on Your Mind leaflets are reprinted in a special edition on A4 format, while the originals in A3 format are  featured in the exhibition. The installation shows a timeline of events and the 24 inspired works created for this project.

The Friday on Your Mind book was published on the occasion of DDV’s exhibition Lily & Rudy’ at Annie Gentils Gallery from 4 September to 23 October 2016.

82 A3 prints + 24 A4 prints, displays, 240cm x 687cm.
Property of the artist.

Shown at:
  • Lily & Rudy in Annie Gentils Gallery, Antwerpen, Belgium, 2016.
  • 2717