Knuppel 1

On 2 November 1983, my exhibition ‘PrivéMilicia’ opens at Club Moral, our artist space at Kattenberg in Borgerhout. Club Moral organised numerous exhibitions, performances, music performances and even a theatre play (Kasper (x6) and Juanita by Guy Cassiers) from 1981 to 1992. One of the works on display is ‘Knuppel 1’ (Cudgel 1). During the opening, I did a music performance with synthesisers, tape loops, effects and voice.

The work belongs to a series of self-made objects that can be seen simultaneously as functional utensils, or as sculptures. In the eighth issue of the magazine ‘Force Mental’ the motivation behind the event is described as: “My victims, I bring You images of hatred and horror. On You I spit. Here is the atrocity exhibition. Here is DDV’s private militia, tearing your eyes out and filling the empty sockets with dread. Enjoy!”

The work is made of metal plates welded together with pins on them. The plates come from the waste of a shoemaker who was located in the same premises as Club Moral. The plates were used to nail under the tip and heel of men’s shoes so they would wear out less quickly.

‘Atrocity Exhibition’ refers to the book ‘The Atrocity Exhibition’(1970) by J.G. Ballard, whose books and essays have had a significant influence on my work.

Metal, rubber, paint, 39cm x 8cm x 8cm.
Property of the artist.

Shown at:
  • PrivéMilicia in Club Moral, Antwerpen, Belgium, 1983.
  • Fantastic Voyage through the Body of an Artist in Kiosk, Gent, Belgium, 2024.
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